The Project One Step Community Choir is drawn from church, high school, college and community choirs throughout Monroe County and beyond. We also welcome individuals with no choir affiliation. There are no auditions, however we prefer singers with some choral experience. Participants are required to purchase their own music and to attend two full-group rehearsals. Additional open rehearsals will be available, beginning in September, at several churches on different evenings. Specific rehearsal schedules will be posted in August on this page. Please fill out the the information requested below to register as a choir member.

The Pocono Community Orchestra is under the direction of Dr. Betsy Buzzelli-Clarke. Please contact her directly via e-mail ( if you are interested in joining the orchestra.

Choir Rehearsal Dates & Times

Registering as a choir member

Please enter your information and click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. You may need to scroll down.  Items with an * are required.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to change your info once it is submitted. If you need to change any submitted data, please use the contact tab on the main menu.

Singer List

Thomas Agosta

Patti Alleger

W. Howard Alleger

Joanie Blobner

Deborah Booth

Laurie Braman

Barbara Burns

Anna Busteed

Barbara Cato

Jane Cilurso

Nora Cilurso

Amanda Cunard

Brenda Davis

Catherine Doane

Barbara DePuy

Pearl Eckman

Paul Edinger

Donna Godshall

Alexandra Goia

Antonia B. Harewood-Harris

Gail Haydt

Jacqualyn James

Nancy Joy Koch

Ying-Chu Kramer

Gerald Kramer

Mary Frances Kresge

Jeanette Kuhns

Steve Larson

Sharon Laverdure

Joyce Love

Antoinette Martinelli

Florence June Metzgar

Donna Molan

William Molan

Krista Montgomery

Mary Moran

Vivian Morris

Crystal Paynter

Kathleen Perry

Jane Person

Deborah Porter

Katy Raish

Gary Raish

Bob Riday

Nicole Rideout

Colleen Schaufele

Felix Staffaroni

Susan Stillo

Donna Straub

Ann Rapoch Super

Debby Tanico

Diane Taitt

Patricia thor Straten-Mohr

David thor Straten-Mohr

Michael Wetmore

Michael Yasenchock

Rodney W. Young